Increase Benefits & Reduce Turnover.
For Free.

Provide employees with the financial flexibility to improve their quality of life and increase retention. Plus, give your business a competitive recruiting advantage over your competitors.

Keep your employees happy and reduce absent days and distractions by alleviating the stress and worry that comes with financial problems. Empower your workforce to be focused and able to give their full attention to the work at hand.

Improving employee financial wellness lessens the need for costly recruiters and reduces expenses associated with training new workers. On-demand pay lets you minimize personnel expenses without burdening your payroll department or paying for an expensive benefit.

Manage Expense

Boost Employee Retention

Improved Productivity

No More Waiting for Payday

Tapcheck opens up a new way to think about payday. With a simple click, you can access your earnings when you need them. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with increased financial flexibility.


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Discover the Employee Benefit that Benefits Business

By reducing employee financial stress, our on-demand pay benefit helps your team members focus and perform better at work. And since Tapcheck is available at no charge to your company, you can achieve measurable benefits without hurting your bottom line. 

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Low Fees for Employees

Employees only pay a small flat fee per transaction, not outrageous interest rates that start a debt spiral like traditional payday lenders.

On-Demand Pay

Employees can access earnings before payday. Simply log into the app and transfer the available amount you need.

100% Online

Tapcheck integrates with SwyftOps and any payroll system while employees access their earnings online orfrom any smartphone with our app.

Instant Transfers 24/7

Employees can transfer wages they’ve already earned whenever they need them and receive their requested funds within minutes.

No Credit Checks

Employees don’t have to worry about getting approved. Transfers are based on the money they’ve already earned.

No Cost for Businesses

Tapcheck is 100% free for businesses. Offer your employees increased financial flexibility with no cost to the bottom line.

Maximum Benefit. 
Minimal Effort. 
Zero Cost.

Earned wage access should be beneficial for employers, as well as employees. We’ve designed our Tapcheck systems to integrate seamlessly with existing payroll services, which means HR departments don’t have to worry about increased work or responsibilities. Tapcheck makes on-demand pay simple.